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Baguette Deli - Vietnamese Sandwiches
5204 W Franklin Rd
(Next to Fred Meyer)
Boise 83705
(208) 336-2989
Don't let the name fool you! These are awesome sandwiches!
Very open deli style seating. Place your order at the counter, and they will deliver it to your seat.
Food presentation is very good. Food comes in a paper boat, which really is pleasing. Food quality is excellant and prepared fresh. The counter staff is anxious to anser your questions and to help you in your selection. A huge selection of deli style Vietnamese sandwiches: Scrambled Egg (Trung ga), Scrambled egg served with pickled vegetable (it's good!), cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno. Or try a Teriyake Chicken served with chicken, cucumber and tomato. Or a Pork Loaf (Cha lua), served with cured pork, egg mayo, pate, pickled vegetables, cilantro and jalapeno. All of theese are served on a fabulous baguette. Service is good and the waite staff make you feel like you are wanted and they want you to leave happy. We did. A wide range of costs, and well worth the price for the quality. Most sandwiches are $3.95 for the sandwich or $4.95 for the combo, 20oz drink and chips. Try a Mango Smoothie with Boba.   1/2
This is really worth the trip for an extremely good sandwich! The service is good. The price is right and the food is delicious! We will return!
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