Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery
610 Grove Street
Boise, Idaho
Phone (208) 426-8168
Look at their Web Page for a complete menu and other information.
The restaurant has a very pleasing ambiance. The seating is very open in a high ceiling, open beam building. Table space is ample and they have outdoor seating in season. “... Bardenay provides a relaxing, social atmosphere in a unique Idaho setting. It’s the perfect place to meet friends and enjoy our casual northwestern cuisine.” Food presentation is good. The platters are presented full, but not particularly decorated. The food is good quality and the taste is excellant. "Each meal is prepared with the highest quality in mind and the finest ingredients." Such a true statement! Alcoholic beverages are available. The service staff is pleasant and helpful and not over whelming. They are considerate and are eager to provide you with good service. The dining experience is definitely worth the price, which is not out of line for the quality of the dishes.   
This is one of Boise's better resturants. Write home to Mom about this one. We will return to Bardenay.
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