Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Blue Ribbon Bistro
1441 N Eagle Road, Meridian, ID 83642-2395
(208) 855-5858
Reservations are not normally necessary.
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Very Earthtone interior with soft browns and simulated stonework. Open seating with tables placed in an orderly fashion. The tables for 2 seem to be somewhat small and you feel a little crowded. Some tables may be drafty as they are inline with the front door. Soft music in the background does not disturb your experience. Food presentation is delightfully displayed. Good decorations on each plate. Food quality is excellent and prepared fresh. For appetizers we had Manhattan Clam Chowder, Ceasar Salad (no anchovies, though), Calimari and Escargot. The appetizers were superb. Taste is excellent and the beef and veal one can cut with a fork. I had Veal Medallions with Blue Crab, Asparagus and roasted Blue Potatoes. It was excellent. Robin had the Petit Rib-Eye Steak and it too was excellent. With dinner we had a 2005 Estancia Pinot Grigio that was terrific! Surprisingly, it went quite well with our dinners and appetizers. Service is good and the waite staff make you feel like you are wanted and they want you to leave happy. We did. A wide range of costs, and well worth the price for the quality. Dinners range from $11.95 - $40.00.    ½
It seems a shame sometimes that when you go into a restaurant expecting a higher than normal supply of wines or side dishes, that you get a statement from your waite person, “Sorry, we are out of that”. Three out of five wines we ordered were not available. For that reason, and that reason alone, I can not give The Blue Ribbon Bistro four stars. However, we will probably return. It is worth the trip.
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