Cue Sheet Courtesy


All That Jazz

Choreographer: Sechrist

Rhythm: Foxtrot/Two Step           RAL Phase: V
Record: Star 133. “All That Jazz”   Speed: 44 Rpms

                      Sequence:  Intro   A  Brg 1  A  Brg 2  B  C   End

INTRO (Tandem Fcg W-Both R Ft Free)


1 Ms Wt; Sway R & L; Rec-W Roll X To Op Fc Wall; Open Fence Line; (QQS)



Front Vine 8;; Xchk Hold; Vine 3 Rev-W Roll X To LOP Wall-(W Sit);
Front Vine 8;; Xchk Hld-W Swvl; Rec Cls Press-W Turn Lf To Skaters,;
Step Kicks 4;; PU Trans (M In 2); Sway L & R; 3 Stp; Curved Feather;
Slow Outside Swivels-W Flicks; 2X;

BRG 1 (Cbjo DRW):

Impetus SCP; Feather Ck; Hes Chg-W Roll X To Op Fc Wall; Open Fence Line;

BRG 2 (Cbjo Drw):

Impetus SCP; Prom Weave;; Slide To W's Shimmy; (DRW)

PART B (Fcg DRW-No Hnds):

Bk X Pts; 2X; (CP) Bk 3 Step; Bk Feather;
Feather Finish; Rev Wave 1/2; Ck & Weave;;
Hover 1/2 Op; Op In/Out Runs;; Op Nat;
Bk Twst Vine 8;;
Slow Outside Swivels-W Flicks; 2X;
Dbl Twirl X Op; Sd Draw Apt;


W Roll X To LOP,; W Roll X To 1/2 Op,; Op Nat;
Bk Turning Wisk;
Feather; Rev Fallaway & Slip; Whisk;
Chk Fwd & Rec-W Roll To LOP Wall;

END (LOP-Wll):

Front Vine 8;; X Chk Hold-W Swivel;
Rec Close Press-W Tn Lf To Sktrs,;
Look Up & R-W R Hnd Up.