Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Goldy's Breakfast Bistro
108 S Capitol Blvd., Boise
(208) 345-4100
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Very much of the café style restaurant. Ample seating on main floor and tables for two on the balcony. If going for breakfast on the weekend, it might be wise to get there before 9:00am as the line can sometimes get very long. However, they set up a free coffee bar outside so your wait will be more enjoyable. This is an extremely popular eatery on the weekend. Food presentation is OK, but not much more. Serving sizes are ample and you should not go away hungry. Food quality is extremely good and a wide variety is available. For instance, their beet home fries and sweet potato home fries are exceptional. Their vegetable benedict looks facinating. Service is adequate, but when they get busy, it can be a little confused. The waite staff is courteous and polite. The cost is in line with the quality of the breakfast. Four of us ate there for around $45.00.     
Definitely a 4-Star breakfast. Servings are large and the food is tasty and well prepared. We will take friends, or meet friends, there and return visits will happen.
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