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Leku Ona
117 S 6th Street, Boise
(208) 345-6665
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The evening we were there we ate on the patio. Great to sit "on the street" in Boise's Basque Block and enjoy the ambiance of downtown. Food plates are well presented. Simple, but delightful. More of a country style presentation. The food is good quality and the taste is excellant. It is extremely difficult to rate a Basque retaurant, at least for us. We have never eaten at a "bad" basque restaurant. There are differences, but the food has always been very good. This is not the "family style" of serving, but rather individual tables. The service staff is pleasant and helpful and not over whelming. The cost is somewhat high, but when you consider the quality and quantity, it is not excessive. Entrés run about $20.00 for a full meal. We had a 2001 Arteaga Crianza Nachora which is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, that went very well with our meal. Big, black cherry and spices. There is a family style selection for $25.00 per person (minimum of 4 people) that includes the appetizer, soup, salad, choice of entré and dessert.    
Well worth the 4-Stars. Meet your friends and family here here for a good meal. The patio is a great place for a party. We will definitely return.
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