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Mai Thai
750 W Idaho Street, Boise
(208) 344-8424
A Taste of Thai Cuisine
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"Entering Mai Thai in Boise it is like entering Thailand itself – except here in Boise’s Mai Thai you can choose delicious dishes from any of the four regional cuisines of Thailand without having to travel out of town. In fact a visit to Mai Thai – or to Thailand itself – is like a visit to all of Asia." The silk screens hanging from the ceiling diffusing the colored lights. The "river" running through the middle of the restaurant. The chopsticks at your table - and they are not the common wooden sticks. The table service that reflects the uncommon presentations. A wonderful relief. Food presentation is superb! Full use of herbs and flowers complete the beauty of your entree. The table service is directly related to the food you are about to eat; A reflection of what your are about to eat. A feast for the eyes as the entree is a feast for the soul.
They have also added some good wine parings to go with the food.
Food quality is superb. The earthyness of the portabella combined with the medium-rare steak, smothered in a Thai Bar-B-Q recipe was excellant. The 3 Flavor Fish was a whole fish (big enough for two) and was moist and totally flavorful. Mochi, 1 scoop each of Red Bean, Vanilla and Green Tea ice creams wrapped in rice paper and drizzled with raspberry, was absolutely beautiful and delicious. (Yes, Red Bean ice cream!) The service was good and the waite staff polite and helpful. Coffee was slow in arriving, but our appetizers and entrees were served in a timely manner. The owners went to each table, welcomed the guests and made sure everything was satisfactory. Cost was in line with the quality and serving sizes. Actually, the servings could be a little smaller. We could have served two more with our entrees. See their website for a more specific listing of prices and offerings. There is a very large selection.     
This is a delightful place to take friends and relatives. Rates with Louie's in San Francisco. And yes, I would write home to Mom about this one. And, by Jove, I'd even take her! Well worth the stop. Do enjoy, Mai Thai!
We returned 1 February 2008 and it is still a great place to eat.
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