Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Montego Bay
Restaurant and Lounge
3000 N Lake Harbor Lane
Boise 83703
(208) 853-5070
Web Site
An interesting place. As you enter, you enter the lounge area with TV's and poker tables. Walk through this area and you enter a Carribean style decor. Walk a little further and you can sit on the lake on a "floating" dock. Interesting and a beautiful view of the lake. Food presentation is nice, but not really exceptional. The plates are served full and pleasantly arranged. The food quality is good. Serving sizes are completely adequate. We had the "Reefers Plate" as an appetizer (plenty for two) and it was good. Too bad it was all fried. The drinks we had were supposed to be fruity - they were not. Service is good and complete. However, our waiter was new and the menu had changed and either he was not aware of the changes or he made a serious mistake. We had a seafood pasta plate that according to the menu came with Chef's Choice vegetables and linguine. We received neither. Pricing is little high for the meal we had. About $50.00 will buy a meal for two, including drinks.   
Can not go any higher than a 2-Star restaurant. If you are going to change the menu, then at least present the new one to your customers. I don't know that we will return.
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