Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Murphy's Seafood and Chophouse
1555 Broadway, Boisse, ID 83705
(208) 344-3691
Reservations are not normally necessary.
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Very elegant interior with hardwood wall coverings and ceiling. Lighting is soft and pleasant. Music in the background can interfere with the music that filters in from the bar area. Not particularly loud, but it can be distracting. Food presentation is delightfully displayed. Good decorations on each plate. Food quality is excellent and prepared fresh. Roasted Beet salad is very good and so are the Coconut Shrimp. Robin had the Lamb Shank which is extremely tender and large. Ahi Tuna was excellent. We were also there for the Sunday Brunch which was good. A large selection of brunch items are well displayed and available. Service is good and the waite staff make you feel like you are wanted and they want you to leave happy. We did. Dinners are in the $15.00 to $30.00 range. The Brunch is $20.00 per person.    ½
I was at Murphy's several years ago and was extremely disappointed. But this trip was very pleasing and we enjoyed ourselves. We will probably return to Murphy's. It is a great place to take out-of-town friends and family.
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