Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Ophelia's Kountry Kitchen
115 Park Ave W
Abbeville, GA
(229) 467-9357
Reservations are not necessary.
The ambiance is in the clientele and Ophelia herself. The ambiance is in the conversations going on. This is Soul food; a place to get a really good meal. It is very small and can be crowded. Food presentation is plated, but that's about all. You order cafeteria style, sort of. The restaurant is clean and airy. The food quality is good and the taste is great. If you want great fried chicken and some of the best greens we've eaten, then this is the place to go. There is no waite staff as such. You order from a counter, pick up your drink - sweet tea, cokes and the like - and utensils and find an open seat. This is a country restaurant, not a big city affair. $6.00 will get you fried chicken, greens, beans, great corn bread and a drink. Don't let that fool you, the servings are very satisfying.    
Ophelia's Kountry Kitchen is a great little place to visit. It deserves 4 stars for the great chicken and greens and the ambiance. If we are in Abbeville again, we will certainly go back here to eat. This is really a great little place. Another reviewer says, “You can't get a better value for your money than Ophelia's Kountry Kitchen. There are always plenty of fried chicken, greens, beans and homemade cornbread. The best sweet tea in Wilcox County. The dining room is a little on the small side, but the welcome is big at Ophelia's. Great food in a down-home atmosphere!” We agree.
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