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601 Main St
(208) 343-7034
The inside dining is very relaxed with soft, plushy, comfortable chairs set around somewhat low tables. Inside can be somewhat busy. Outdoor dining in season is pleasant and relaxing. Food presentation is superb. The dish presentations are decorated in a pleasing maner. Food quality is superb. Lamb, for example, is served and presented as it should be - well presented and cooked to perfection. The chicken with polenta that I had was well presented. The sandwiches our guests had were huge. Clam chowder is excellant. Wine and mixed drinks are available. Service is with a friendly smile and cheery. The Servers are always available for you and are concerned that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience dining here. Entré prices range from $10.00 to $25.00.    
Write home to Mom about this one. Take your friends, relatives and out-of-town guests here. However, I must note that the first time we went here, I was not impressed. Cold meal, poor service. Evidently, that was an "off night".
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