Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Red Lobster
550 N Milwaukee Street
Boise, ID
(208) 672-1188
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Definitely a "seaport" ambiance. The interior looks like you just stepped off of the fishing boat. It is a family friendly restaurant as compared to an adult crowd. Food presentation is good, but not exceptional. You can see photos at Boise Foodie Blog. Food quality is good and not much more. The Walt's Favorite Shrimp is salty and the breading took away from the shrimp taste. The Chef's Grilled Tilapia was overpowered by the soy sauce. Service was good; the Waite staff courteous. The Wood Grilled Shrimp appetizer was $7.99. The Seaside Shrimp Trio was $17.50 while the Chef's Grilled Tilapia was $16.99. The amounts of the entrees warranted the price; the flavors did not. The Key Lime Pie was more like a cheese cake while the Apple Crisp was doughy.   1/2
I can not go above 2 1/2-Stars for this one. We had to ask for table service and napkins. That to me is a huge mistake.
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