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Main Page and Blogs
This is the first page (the default page) of your Web Site address. This page includes your logo or masthead image, text and e-mail link. Here is a sample of a single page web site. Modification dates (a small line of text that indicates when the site was updated) and copyright information information is included, if desired. It usually takes from six (6) to ten (10) hours to develop your Main Page, depending on what you are looking for. Blogs are not usually within your Main Page, but rather are attached to it. The rate for developing a Blog for you is the same as the Main Page rate. Travel time and photography are scheduled at this rate.
Main Page and Blog Development Rate:
$40.00 per hour
(4 Hour Minimum)
Consultation and Tutoring
Are you lost in cyberspace? Need help in running your computer? We can assist you with these problems.
$40.00 per hour. Senior rates available.
(1 hour minimum)
Additional Pages and Page Maintenance
Add pages for more than a basic, single-page presence on the web. Your pages need to be periodically updated and information changed. For instance, the Index Page may need changing or up-dated or a page listing a schedule of events may need changing. Page maintenance is a primary function of having your own web page.
$40.00 per hour
(1 Hour minimum)
Webpage Consultation
We will guide you through your decision to create a web page or help you with your present web page.
$50.00 per hour
(1 Hour minimum)
Navigation Menu
For multiple pages, you will need a navigation menu.
$40.00 per hour
(1 Hour Minimum)
Graphics and Photography
Additional graphic elements can liven up your web page. RNR Designs can scan your logo and any type of artwork. Photographs for your Web Page can be taken by RNR Designs and will be billed at this rate.
$40.00 per hour
(1 Hour minimum)
Special Effects
RNR Designs can add bells and whistles that are web supported. These include JavaScripts, sounds, music, menu effects and animated graphics. Contact us and we will give you a quote on your project.
$40.00 per hour
(1 Hour minimum)
Meta Tags
RNR Designs can expertly make all of the behind the scenes web engineering painless and simple for you.
It is common knowledge that if you build a web site, you need visitors to find you. RNR Designs can place your site on the most popular search engines on the web. For these search engines to find your web page, Meta Tags, or page identifiers, must be coded into your page. These Meta Tags must then be provided to the Search Engine every month and by hand. RNR Designs can do this for you and then add a counter on your site so that you can keep track of the number of "hits" to your page.
$25.00 per page
Does this sound complicated? Don't worry, RNR Designs will do the hard work for you. And with over 25 years experience, we will make it painless for you! We will be happy to talk to you about designing Your Web Page.

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