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Seasons Bistro - Wine Bar - Catering
1117 E Winding Creek Drive, Suite 150
Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 939-6680
Reservations are not normally necessary.
Web Page
The restaurant has a very pleasing ambiance - a relaxing atmosphere. A small and open dining area. There are several dining/wine tasting "nooks" that are interesting. Their web page states that "Whatever you're looking for, we have what you need. From lunch on-the-go, to pastries, gourmet foods and more." In addition, our wine selection is extensive, ensuring you'll find the perfect wine to compliment your meal. Food presentation is superb! The plates are presented in a delightfully pleasing visual picture. You can tell that the foods are prepared fresh and from fresh ingredients. The food quality and the taste is excellant. Robin had a Trout Salad that was awesome. Not muddy tasting, as is some fresh water fish. She also had a boel of Gumbo that was spicy, but not over powering. The Gumbo was "full bodied, rich and delightful". I had a great Tuscan Marinated Chicken Panini, basil pesto, roma tomatoes, spinach and provolone cheese. I also had their "house" French Fries, which would be better named, Cajun Fries. Chef Eric Peterson, from New Orleans, does a superb job. The service is superb - pleasant and helpful and not over whelming. They just seem to know when you want something and they appear. It is also nice to have the owner, Rachel Hurn, come around to each table and personally engage the patrons. The prices are in range for the quality of the food and the service that they provide.    
Definitely rates the 4-Stars. Good food ... No really! Good food! We will definitely return to the Seasons, especially if I can talk Rachel out of some Corn Dip! A great place to take friends. And yes, they are enlarging their wine selection to include a large number of Idaho wines. We will be back!
On 17 Dec 2009 we went back to The Season's and had their Greek Dinner. Please look at the Boise Foodie Blog for more discussion.
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