Restaurant Name Ambiance Food Presentation Food Quality Service Cost Overall Rating
Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta
1805 W State Street
(208) 387-2727
Reservations are not necessary.
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The restaurant has a very pleasing ambiance - a relaxing atmosphere. Quiet music in the background does not rush you through your meal. The overall picture is of an old house - actually two houses - that have been re-configured to a very pleasant setting. Photos by Ansel Adams line the walls. Food presentation is good. The plates are presented full, but not overly decorated. The food quality is good and the taste is excellant. The scampy is very good with no overbearing herbs to hide the shrimp. The house salad with house dressing, is very good. Build your own pizza the way you like it and with whatever you want on it. Try a black olive and bacon pizza with a glass of Ravenswood Vintners Choice (Zinfandel). Alcoholic beverages are available. The service staff is pleasant and helpful and not over whelming. Jessica, our waitress, was excellant. Ask for her. Randall, the floor manager, was pleasant and made the rounds to each table to see that everything was correct. A nice touch. The cost for a pasta dish ranges from $7.99 - $10.99. The pizza costs range from $4.99 - $22.99   
A great relaxing atmosphere to take friends and relatives. A good place to take out-of-town guests. We will return.

(4 Dec 2008)
Sorry to do this, but this visit was terrible!
Service (Rachael) - A
Lasagna - B
Philly Cheese Steak - F
Cheese Steak:
1. Asked for caramalyzed oinions - raw
2. Green peppers were to be grilled - raw
3. Asked for no mayo (Mayo on a Philly cheese steak? Don't think so!) - OK
4. Beef - not even warm or grilled!!!
The kitchen needs prep lessons and must be cooperative with the service people. If this were my first visit, it would be my last!
(27 Feb 2009)
The meal we had today was far, far better than the one listed on 4 Dec 2008. Whether it was a change in kitchen help or our menu selection, I'm not sure. It was just much better.
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