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The Buzz Coffee & Cafè:
a little less talk a little more conversation
2999 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Ste 110,
Boise, Idaho 83703
(208)344-4321 Café
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The restaurant has a very pleasing ambiance. Interior design is a very strong pub style; tables and chairs placed in rows, but not cluttered. WIFI is available. Food presentation is good. It is a pleasing presentation, but not rich. The food is wholesome. The food is good quality and the taste is excellant. Beers and wines are available. Check out their monthly Wine Club Dinners! Full dinner plus 8 - 10 wines are presented. The service staff is pleasant and helpful and not over whelming. Bistro meals are served from 4:00pm until closing. Sandwiches, muffins, coffee and salads are available all day.    
Just had to go 4-Stars with this. Meet or take your friends and family here for a good meal. A fun place to take out-of-town guests. It's just good food, well prepared and well presented. We will be back!
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