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The Weavers E-Mail Group is a Totally FREE e-mail group incompassing Cuers and Dancers and Folks Interested in Dancing, literally from around the World! This is a non-monitored e-mail discussion group for anyone interested in Dancing. Check out the Members List by Clicking Here!

To sign up on the Weavers E-Mail List send an E-Mail message to:

and then reply to the confirmation message.

Please Note: If someone does this but receives no confirmation message, it is probably because that person's mail is set up wrong, so that the return address is not correct. (The system uses the "envelope" address, not necessarily the one that appears in the From: header; normally they are the same but not always.)

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Note: To Un-Subscribe you Must use the same e-mail address that you Subscribed with and place nothing in the body of the e-mail.

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